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Jul 9, 2018

Alibaba has an AI copywriting tool

Partners sell products on Alibaba's sites, so they upload images, product descriptions and advertisements like banners or 20-sec-video for marketing. In order to make that easier and more efficient, just like any other site, Alibaba offers tools (compare Facebook's ad planner). But Alibaba now claims they have a deep learnig/natural language processing tool that can write 20,000 lines of copy per second - and pass the turing test. You can even choose if your copy should be promotional, fun, heartwarming, functional or "poetic". Offered in Chinese only (currently), this shows us where we're headed - additionally to this, they have tools that automate banner-resizing to different formats and AI-powered video tools to easily generate 20 second ads for their platform. So the direction is: basic creative idea - human. Everything else: machine.