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Sep 25, 2018

New formats for news (BBC News Labs)

Great two-part article about the development of news formats especially for generation Z. They are pretty important as they enter the advertising relevant age brackets from the lower end and are one of the few sources to grab market share in over-saturated news markets - and, being the first generation to grow up with smartphones, show a totally different news consumption behaviour than older target groups. BBC News Labs shares their approach and also their findings from developing and testing prototypes (part 2). Integrating these types of formats and innovations that may attract other users from older age brackets as well may be an answer to the sub-brand approaches (in Germany: bento by Spiegel, by Zeit, orange by Handelsblatt etc.) many publishers have chosen.

Part1 (general research / format overview - from Sept 2017):

Part2 (prototypes & testing with generation Z - from July 2018):