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Sep 17, 2018

Sports Clubs = Media Companies

I've been saying for years that sports clubs & organizations behave more and more like media companies when it comes to digital - subsequently, they have very similar needs and issues, although sports clubs (still) get the majority of their revenue from TV and do not sell advertising to just anyone on their owned & operated or social media channels, but only to sponsors, and on other deals than pure CPM.

But if you look at the big trends in media:
  • technology as a driver in efficiency of production and content distribution
  • multiple revenue streams like events and e-commerce besides advertising
  • native/branded content instead of display
  • studio-like behaviour in creating content formats (often in seasons and episodes)
  • B2C pay models for content
  • CRM as a key discipline behind most of those activities

... they apply to sports clubs (and in some way also to governing bodies, tournament organizers etc.) as well. This article points out how Manchester United does it, but frankly, all major clubs have similar activities going on. Still interesting to see, for example how the average app user for Man Utd is 30, while the average linear viewer is 54 years old: