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Oct 4, 2018

The end of Snap and Tesla

This is somewhere between an analysis and an opinion piece from Scott Galloway - about Snapchat and Tesla being unable to survive on their own. I found the Snap piece more interesting and more analytical, althuogh it contains a lot of Facebook-bashing, too. His prediction is that either Amazon or Disney will buy the company. His main argument is: who else? I am not sure whether Amazon would need to spend this type of money for reach within generation Z (they surely don't need to spend it for camera/AR technology) and when "DisneyFlix" launches, I think they will rather be targeting me instead of teens.
So here's my take: Why not "the Chinese"? One of the "BAT" triopoly over there may want to increase their US/Europe footprint, they know the type of business inside out, and definitely have the cash to acquire the company (and send Evan into early retirement). It would perfectly reflect the development of the digital economy in the past decade - not only are we running into a (quote) "hunger games economy with four religions", there's a parallel world in China with three religions, too, and they will clash / mix eventually.

Still a great read: