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Oct 15, 2018

You will have to become agile, too

We teach companies to become agile as no one can really predict on a 5 or 10 year perspective how the(ir) world will really look like, so there is a need to be able to adapt to the three or four futures that we can think of now, and hope that this applies to the fifth future, too: the one that will actually come. We ourselves should do something similar: become able to adapt to developments that may disrupt the whole fields we are working and living in. That's my key takeaway from GQ's interview with Yuval Noah Harari (the guy who wrote "Sapiens"): There won't be one big disruption because AI will reach some kind of peak, and then a new "order" appears in which we will have to find a position. It will rather be a constant change with constant position-finding required from our side.