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Dec 20, 2018

Newsletters are still alive - and thriving

Still a big fan of newsletters. You have your own audience, no algo change can take reach away from you, and if you have a few smart concepts in place you may deliver really relevant content to an interested audience. The NYT has >60 newsletters, even Buzzfeed offers more than 30 ("a dog a day", for example). This article is about the success of the Washington Post's newsletter subbrand "202". Fourteen (yes, 14) people are working full time on newsletters, up from 7 last year. 

The Dynamics of Network Effects

When you try to understand an industry that may have been built on a network effect, you quickly realize that unless it is a simple effect (credit cards, marketplaces), it can be challenging to understand the dynamics and mechanisms that influence its power structures and internal economies. To comprehend this is a precondition when creating a strategy for any participant involved. The article here is a great summary of current developments in many markets.

Another good, more basic source: