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Feb 22, 2019

NYT 2018 numbers: >700mn digital revenue. 120+ journalists added (!)

With a target of 10mn subscriptions by 2025 (doesn't sound like so much in a Netflix, Spotify world - but is actually ambitious), the NYT has reached 3.3 million paying subscribers now (not only news, also crossword and food apps) with a YoY growth of 27%. But the real message is this: The New York Times has actually ADDED 120 employees to their journalists, totalling more than 1600 now. This will not be a model for every digital publisher as the NYT is kind of international, and the US alone will give room to what - 4,5 nationwide digital subscription news businesses? Still, it is amazing to see how they do it, and every news publisher transitioning into digital can at least learn from monitoring the NYT and draw their own conclusions.